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Our Journey

Our Achivements

Industry Leadership and Collaborations

In addition to our core farming activities, we've established robust partnerships with various institutions and governmental bodies to advance ostrich-related research, industry, and policy. Some key collaboration includes:

2008: Teaming up with ARID Agriculture

University Rawalpindi to establish the Study of Ostrich Research and Development (SORD) institute, focusing on ostrich studies and research.

2009: Partnering with the Government of Sindh's Livestock Department

to raise awareness about ostrich farming and provide training opportunities.

2009: Collaborating with Zari Taraqyat Bank (ZTBL)

to promote ostrich farming and develop farmer-friendly policies.

2010: Joining forces with Sindh Agriculture University

Tando Jam to facilitate ostrich research and provide students with exposure to ostrich farming practices at our farms.

2011: Forming a partnership with Sindh University Larkana

for ostrich studies and research, including student visits to our ostrich farms.

2010: Collaborating with Sindh Board of Investments

to promote ostrich farming and raise awareness through industrial exhibitions.

2010: Partnering with the University of Karachi

for research on ostrich farming and related studies.

2010: (VRI)

2010: Teaming up with the Vaccine and Research Institute (VRI) to study ostrich diseases and vaccines.

2010: Collaborating with the Government of Balochistan's

Department of Livestock to promote ostrich farming at livestock exhibitions in Quetta.

2011: Joining forces with PCSIR

LRC leather research center to study ostrich leather, provide technical training, and raise awareness about its importance.

2011: Partnering with KPK Department of Livestock

to promote ostrich farming in KPK province and support local farmers.

2014: Collaborating with the Government of Punjab's Livestock Department

to replicate successful ostrich farming practices from Sindh in Punjab and initiating innovative joint ventures.

2015: Partnering Leather Industry

with Sialkot and Gujranwala Leather Industry to meet the demand for ostrich leather.

2015: Collaboration with UVAS

(University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences) in Lahore for research and study around ostrich its meat and slaughtering and ostrich farming practices.

2016: Pakistan Ostrich Company introduced Shirkat Farms

corporate farming initiatives, leading to the development of 250 small to medium farms in Punjab and Sindh in the cities of Multan, Gujranwala, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Karachi, Quetta, and Tando Adam.

2016: Contributing to the reclassification of ostriches

from wildlife to poultry by the Government of Punjab, further bolstering industry support.

2018: Facilitating the Government of Punjab's subsidized Ostrich Farming

project to introduce ostrich meat into local markets and promote long-term breeding strategies, resulting in the development of 450 farms by local farmers in Punjab.