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Pakistan Ostrich company is shifting its major Business to Punjab, our karachi office is non functional for some time.

Signature Meat Plaza, Lahore.

With the collaboration of Pak Ostrich Company and Government of Punjab, first ever outlet of Ostrich meat is now available in Pakistan. Where not only fresh ostrich meat is readily available but also other conventional meats are also being served with optimum hygienic standards and good customers services.

Livestock Bill :

After nonstop efforts of Pakistan Ostrich Company, Punjab Assembly has passed the bill to include Ostrich in Livestock on June 5, 2012. This is a landmark achievement that got legal status vide Punjab assembly Bill No. 4 of 2012 named as  THE PUNJAB ANIMALS SLAUGHTER CONTROL (AMENDMENT) BILL 2012, A Bill, further to amend the Punjab Animals Slaughter Control Act, 1963.

Punjab Cabnit Declared Ostrich farming, as Livestock Farming...

Jan 14-2012, By the untired efforts of Pakistan Ostrich company Punjab cabnit declared OSTRICH as LIVESTOCK. A High level representative of Punjab Government contact Pakistan Ostrich Company and informed about this achievement. High level Government officials also assured full cooperation for promotion of Ostrich farming in Punjab.

Special offer for Overseas Pakistanis
The expatriates living abroad have a great love and affection for their homeland. They want to reunite with their mother land in one way or the other. Given the security circumstances and uncertain economic conditions they tend to invest in something tangible.
POC has come up with a special offer for them. We are establishing a specially designed Farm near District Jhelum at a vast land. The Farm will be operated by POC and the investors (Long Term) will own the farm.

Who can participate?
The interested Pakistanis living abroad can start their Ostrich business by investing in 50 Birds at this specially designed Shirkat farm.
The Birds will be catered for by POC. The specially trained staff of POC will look after the Birds till the agreement term ends.

Livestock is a fast growing profitable business in Pakistan. More and more meat and chicken companies are formally launching their products on international hygienic standards.  Many companies are having their own outlet chains across the country.
Ostrich is now treated as ‘the Meat of the Millennium’. People are attracted towards this Big Bird. Its meat can be affordable once a sustainable population is available at a particular geographical location.
POC aspires to take along its esteemed clients till Breeding period of the Chicks. This will be a two to three years based long term relationship. POC has established offices in major cities and a trained staff, potential, expertise and resources that can take care of Birds for this long period.
It is estimated that a single bird can earn upto 10 times of its initial investment in 5-6 years.

Shirkat farms

The experience of POC over the last few years has shown that thousands of investors are willing to start their Ostrich farms but due to small investment and lack of time and expertise they are not in a position to run an independent farm.

The Concept:

Pakistan Ostrich Company (POC) introduces the concept of SHIRKAT FARM (co-operative ostrich farming).

It is another step forward for the development of ostrich industry in Pakistan. SHIRKAT FARM (co-operative ostrich farming) is to fill the vacuum and will provide a platform for the Overseas investors/farmers to enter this profitable business in a safe, secure and convenient way.

It will be a joint effort of all the shareholders of a Shirkat Farm and POC will play the part of a Facilitator and Mentor.

The Participants:

Although the main focus of SHIRKAT FARMS is to facilitate the small investors, those aiming for large investment can also be a part of this cooperative farming by starting their pilot projects to acquire proper knowledge and expertise for their future projects.

It can also provide an excellent opportunity for those investors who has the capability and investments of running a big commercial farm, but wants to minimize their risks. To start their pilot projects, they have an opportunity to become a part of SHIRKAT FARM. 

For More information

Please Call .... 00-92-321-9203319

Ostrich Seminar at Al-Hamra Lahore

Pakistan ostrich company and Daily jang organized a seminar at Al-Hamra hall lahore on 23rd July 2011. A large number of prominent businessaman and farmers attended the seminar. Download complete report in urdu.... click here

New Farms in Punjab

Pakistan Ostrich Company has opened many new farms with capacity of 50 to 200 birds in Punjab. With these farms in Suhawa, Dina, Sargodha, Khanpur ,Rahim yar khan, shekupura, Gujranwala, wazirabad, Abotabad, Sahiwal, and Lahore, Pakistan Ostrich Company has extended its network to upper Punjab Areas motivating more farmers to venture in this profitable opportunity. Technical, medical and marketing support will be provided by Pakistan Ostrich Company to all of these farms.

 Ostrich farming can help overcome meat shortage in country’

Daily Dawn karachi 28th january 2011 Page - 15 ( By Our Staff Reporter)

KARACHI, Jan 27: Ostriches are farmed on a commercial basis in over 100 countries around the world for their meat, hide and feathers. The bird’s meat, a very similar in taste and texture to mutton but containing very low content of cholesterol and fat, can provide a solution to Pakistan’s increasing requirement of protein-containing meat amid escalating prices of mutton, beef, chicken, etc.
Pakistan has not only the ‘perfect’ climatic conditions for ostrich farming, it has also the required manpower, infrastructure and feed much cheaper than many other countries.

These were some points highlighted at a seminar ‘Ostrich farming: opening of a new horizon’ held at the Karachi University auditorium on Thursday. The event was jointly organised by the KU department of agriculture and agribusiness management and the Pakistan Ostrich Company.
Participants of the seminar highlighted the benefits of ostrich farming, and said that it was considered to be among the most profitable agricultural projects today in the world and often referred to as the ‘farms of the future’ because of the high profit potential.
“Ostrich farming may be a new phenomenon for Pakistan but not for the rest of the world. Its history is stretched over 150 years and it has been a great success in many countries including South Africa (from where it started), Israel, Australia, Mexico, Japan, US, China and Iran. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have also joined the list recently,” they said.

Raja Tahir Latif, representing the Pakistan Ostrich Company, said that Ostrich is a large flightless bird whose life span ranges between 30 and 70 years.
“It grows at a very high rate and can gain 100kg in just 10 months without a recommended diet. It takes only two years to get mature. A female lays 70 to 100 eggs weighing about 1.5kg in a season for 30 to 40 years. With favourable hatchery facilities, 95 per cent eggs produce chicks that can be sold in the local and international markets,” he said, adding that the company exported chicks to India.
The risk of mortality would remain high in the first two months and that was the reason that farmers were advised to buy the only chicks that were older.
“As the bird gets mature, it develops a strong immunity level and can tolerate severe hot and cold weather. Therefore, it is not very vulnerable to disease and does not require frequent administration of medicines and nutritional compounds as is the case with poultry and cattle.
“The bird has the best feed-to-weight ratio of any land animal in the world. This is because whatever it eats, it becomes part of its body. A cattle needs 20kg feed to gain 1kg weight while an ostrich needs 3.5kg feed to gain 1kg weight. It eats almost everything even plastic bags so one has to be careful in its rearing,” he said, adding that its meat was popular in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and many European countries.
After one year, the bird could be slaughtered as it rendered over 100kg meat. The meat was high in protein content, he said.
The seminar was told that ostrich oil came from its fat and people used it for relief from skin problems while its feathers were used for cleaning fine machinery, equipment etc as well as for interior decoration and in the fashion industry.
Dr Zuzzer Ali Shamsuddin, representing the Leather Research Centre (LRC) of the Pakistan Council of Scientific Industrial Research (PCSIR), said that ostrich farming was a real solution to the shortages the country currently faced in meat products and could also help earn the much needed foreign exchange.
“Ostrich skin is considered to be one of the most luxurious types of leather. It is soft and durable. LRC has processed the bird’s skin and has made a number of products from it for inspiring investors,” he said.
Dr Ulfat-un-Nabi, director-general of the Pakistan Agriculture Research Council’s southern zone, and the chief guest, Dr Hafiz Rub Nawaz, a scientist at LRC, Naseer Bashir, a member of the World Ostrich Association, and Professor Dr Saleem Shahzad, chairperson of the KU’s host
department, also spoke.

Best Quality Chicks will be available for Sale soon

Pakistan Ostrich Company is importing a large number of best quality ostrich chicks for its customers. Now chicks will be availablejust after Eid for our clients. All interested Farmers are advised to confirm their orders as soon as possible. Pakistan Ostrich company announces Booking Plan before 31st Sep 2011.

Federal Secretary Livestock visited Ostrich Farm


Federal Secretary Livestock visited Ostrich Farm

Saturday 31st July 2010 .
Mr. Khawaja Siddique Akbar Federal secretary ministry of livestock visited ostrich farm near sohawa. He appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Ostrich Company for promotion of ostrich farming in Pakistan. He assured full support from Livestock ministry for Ostrich farming. He ordered to setup a pilot project under Livestock ministery.  A seminar on Ostrich farming will be held soon in Islamabad with collaboration of Pakistan Ostrich Company and Livestock ministry for promotion of ostrich farming in Pakistan. Project director dairy and Livestock board Dr. Rana Akhlaq ahmed was also accompanied with him.

Pakistan Ostrich Company at Livestock Expo 2010 karachi

Pakistan Ostrich Company participated in Livestock Expo 2010 karachi. POC stall can be ranked No.1 stall in Expo. a Large number of Businessmen, prominent personalities and General public visited the stall. Malik Imamu-ud-din shoqeen advisor to chief minister, Sadaqat Ali Jatoi, M. Ali shah Ex. Dist: nazim Distt. matiari, Abdul Maalik pathan Ex. Fedral secretary and chairman TCP, media personalities and investors fully focused the unique project. All of the visitors appriciated the efforts of Pakistan Ostrich Company. DOWNLOAD EXPO ALBUM

Incident at Karachi Airport



Customs duty dispute leads to death of 37 ostrich chicks
Importer lodges protest at KPC; laments negligence of officials

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
By our correspondent


The staff of Pakistan Ostrich Company, an importer of ostrich chicks from Australia and other countries, held a protest demonstration at the Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Tuesday. The protesters were carrying the bodies of the 37 ostrich chicks that died at the Karachi airport, allegedly due to the negligence of Pakistan Customs officials.

A consignment of 120 day-old ostrich chicks imported from Australia by the said company was held by the customs for over 40 hours on Friday night due to a customs duty dispute. This resulted in the death of 37 chicks due to hunger and lack of movement.

An ostrich chick is highly fragile bird and needs immediate care in early days of life including frequent supply of food, water and even a walk otherwise its digestive system develops fatal problems, causing immediate death of the bird.

The protesters termed the death of ostrich chicks a conspiracy against livestock promoting activities in Pakistan. They demanded of the government to take notice of the death of innocent birds due to custom officials’ negligence and formulate a clear policy regarding the import of birds like ostriches as well as their immediate release from the airport.

CEO of Pakistan Ostrich Company, Tahir Latiff told The News that on Friday night the consignment arrived from Australia and was held by the customs staff at the Jinnah International Airport for over 40 hours as they were demanding import duty from the company’s staff at a very high rate.

“Ostrich chicks are normally purchased for 50 to 70 US dollars from abroad and 11 per cent duty is paid to the government by the importer. This time, the custom officials claimed that the ostrich chicks’ price was 371 US dollars and duty should be paid according to that price,” he revealed.

Latiff maintained that his staff had gone to the airport to receive the consignment and were willing to pay the duty as per the original price of the consignment but the customs’ officials demanded a sum that was higher than the actual value and could not be arranged in the night.

“It was Friday night when this happened and there was no senior customs official present at the airport to resolve the issue. The ostrich chicks were packed in boxes and remained at the airport throughout the night and on Saturday. The consignment was only released when the amount demanded by the customs officials was paid to them,” he claimed.

He further said that all over the world, livestock imported from abroad is cleared immediately as it cannot be kept for an indefinite period at the airports and ports and any issues related to the customs duty are settled later on.

“Even now, the dispute between us and the customs’ officials over the import duty persists and it would be settled in coming few days. But unfortunately, the bureaucratic hurdles resulted in the death of 37 ostrich chicks who starved to death,” he claimed.

“Ironically, ostriches are still considered as wildlife species in Pakistan while it is given the status of livestock all over the world due to its immense potential of meeting meat requirements as well as other benefits,” Latiff said.

On the occasion, he demanded of the government to immediately declare ostrich a form of livestock instead of treating the birds as wildlife. He also asked for the removal of import duties on ostriches and facilitation of ostrich farming by providing loans to farmers.

Ostrich Oil available in Pakistan

Pakistan Ostrich Company has started production of Ostrich oil. initially it is available in 50ml and 80ml packing. introductory price for 50ml is only Rs.650, and price for 80ml is only Rs.800.

Meeting of Ostrich Association of Pakistan to be held in April 2010

First annual meeting of OAP is to be held in February at Karachi. This meeting will initiate a new momentum in Ostrich Farming in Pakistan.

New Farms in 2010

2 new ostrich farms has been established in Naukot sindh and at Multan Road Lahore. Some new farms in Sadiqabad, Rahim Yar Khan, Khairpur and Sialkot are under process.

New Ostrich farm in Lahore.

Raja babar has started his farm at multan road Lahore. The young farmer is starting his farm with 100 young and 100 small chicks.This Farm is supposed to be one of the largest farms in Punjab.Pakistan Ostrich Company has started shifting of chicks at this farm and will be completed in Feb 2010.

Ostrich Oil is available in Pakistan.

Pakistan Ostrich Company has started production of Ostrich Oil in Pakistan.Pakistan Ostrich Company has engaged prominent pharmacists and chemists to develop this product.

Agriculture Development Bank to establish Model Ostrich Farm in Islamabad

Senior Management of ADBP ADBP has requested Pakistan Ostrich Company a feasibility report for development of Model Ostrich Farm at Islamabad. In a meeting with Pakistan Ostrich Representatives, ZTBL Top management uttered their deep interest in developing Ostrich Commercial farming in Pakistan and expressed intention of launching a loan program for Ostrich farmers interested in farming of Breeder Ostrich. Alliance between Pakistan Ostrich and ADBP will facilitate Ostrich Commercial farmer’s access to loan resources for establishment of Ostrich Farming Business in Pakistan.

Ostrich Breeder Farm to be established in Lasbella

A prominent personality of District Lasbella, MPA Pir Abdul Qadir Ali Gillani has taken a major initiative in Commercial Ostrich Breeding in Pakistan with Planning and construction of a farm dedicated to Ostrich Breeding. This farm will accommodate a large number of Ostrich Breeders. Such initiatives will soon ensure local production of Ostrich Chicks and availability of Ostrich Meat on large scale. Some Ostrich Birds has been shifted to this farm at initial level.

New Ostrich Farms in Karachi

POC has recently inaugurated two new ostrich farms at Northern By Pass and Gulshan-e-Maymar. POC is providing complete technical assistance to both farms to ensure best possible returns on farmer investment

Company maintained farm in Karachi

POC is pleased to announce establishment of Pakistan first Ostrich farm which is maintained by Pakistan Ostrich Company. This farm will house POC own birds as well as provide opportunity of long term and short term investment to prospective investors

Establishment of 100 Ostrich chicks farm at Gulshan-e-Maymar Karachi

A senior retired Government official has steped forward by developing a 100 Ostrich Chicks farm at Gulshan-e-Maymar Karachi as a joint venture with Pakistan Ostrich Company. To bring this facility at breeding level, planning of a larger farm has been started under technical guidance of Pakistan Ostrich Company.

 Ostrich Farming in FATA- Coming Soon 
Wednesday, May 6, 2009, SMEDA and FATA Development authority organized a workshop at PC Peshawar to discuss opportunities for economic rehabilitation of FATA. Pakistan Ostrich Company Representative addressed workshop and presented concept of Ostrich Farming for economic development of FATA. The idea was considered central point of overall discussion and was warmly welcomed by organizing authorities and senior government officials who ensured their support for Pakistan Ostrich Company in building Ostrich Farms in FATA.

Farms in interior Sindh

Pakistan Ostrich Company has started construction of Ostrich farms in interior Sindh. some of New farms in Mirpur khas, Nau Kot, Tando Adam, Rani Pur and other areas are now fully operational. These farms will introduce this unique concept of ostrich farming in remote areas of Interior Sindh and will encourage more farmers to take advantage of this profitable opportunity.

Pakistan Ostrich Company participated in Sindh Livestock Show Hyderabad

On April 15, 2009, Pakistan Ostrich put its stall in Sindh Live Show which was held in Hyderabad City. Due to unique exhibition of Ostrich, Pakistan Ostrich Stall became focal point for government officials and general Public who expressed great interest in prospects of ostrich farming in Pakistan. Secretary Live Stock Sindh Mr. Parihar appreciated the efforts of Pakistan Ostrich Company and released orders to establish Ostrich Model Farms in Karachi and Hyderabad. Such events not only create awareness among masses but also promote Ostrich farming to prospective clients. 

Pakistan Ostrich Company Participated in Livestock Expo

Pakistan Ostrich Company participated in an international Event “Agro and Live stock Asia 2009” at Expo centre Karachi. Live stock ministers, Secretary Livestock department, prominent agro businessmen and Representatives of many organizations visited the stall. POC stall was focus of general visitors as this was the only stall of this. People were deeply interested in Ostrich Farming. They were informed about importance and benefits of establishing an Ostrich industry in Pakistan.
Visitors also discussed the strategy and methods as how to achieve the desired goal i.e. a flourishing, sustainable, durable and financially viable Ostrich industry in Pakistan.